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How to use biomass pellet machine reasonably?

1.The long-term work of the biomass pellet machine should be fixed on the concrete foundation. If the working position is changed frequently, the biomass pellet machine and the motor should be installed on the base made of angle iron. If the biomass pellet machine is powered by diesel, the output power of the diesel engine should be matched, that is, the output of the diesel engine is slightly larger than the crusher. Output power and keep the pulley grooves of the two in the same plane. The outer end faces of the pulleys are on the same plane.

2.After the biomass pellet machine is installed, check the fastening condition of the fasteners everywhere. If it is loose, it should be tightened.

3.It is necessary to check whether the belt tension is suitable. The motor shaft and the wood chip machine shaft are not parallel.

4.Before the biomass pellet machine is operated, first rotate the rotor of the motor by hand to check whether the teeth, hammer and motor rotor are running flexibly. Is there any collision between the shell and the rotor of the motor? The same orientation, the motor and the pellet machine lubrication is not good.

5.It is not necessary to change the pulley at will, to prevent the explosion speed from being too high, or the explosion speed is too low, which may affect the working efficiency.

6.After the pulverizing table is run, it will be idling for 2 to 3 minutes. After there is no abnormal phenomenon, it will be fed again.

7.Pay attention to the operation status of the biomass pellet machine in time. The feeding should be evenly proportioned to prevent blockage of the car and not overload operation for a long time. If you find vibration, noise, high temperature of the bearing and the body, and outward spray, you should stop the inspection first, and then continue to work after troubleshooting.
8.The crushed raw materials should be carefully inspected to prevent accidents such as copper, iron, stones and other hard blocks entering the crushing chamber.
9.The operator does not need to wear gloves. When feeding, he should go to the side of the biomass pellet machine to prevent the rebound debris from damaging the face.

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