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Analysis of multiple advantages of biomass pellet fuel

In general, biomass pellet fuel cannot be added with any additives during the production process, so the smell of the material fuel still maintains the original smell of its raw materials. As we all know, the environmentally friendly type of biomass pellet fuel is obvious to all, and it is also the reason for becoming an environmentally friendly material favored by consumers. Biomass pellets, including straw, cotton, rice husk, wood chips and other raw materials, although they also produce tar, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides and other substances, but because the modern technology level is relatively complete and mature, so its harmful substances The emissions are clearly less than the national standards.

Depending on the production needs, the requirements for biomass pellet fuels are also different, and biomass environmentally friendly boilers are also essential. For example, the main combustion characteristics of biomass straw pellet fuel boilers are phased air distribution, and biomass pellet fuels achieve sub-regional combustion, which not only ensures the environmental protection and efficiency of the boiler, but also greatly improves the utilization rate of biomass pellet fuel.

The utilization of biomass pellet fuel mainly includes direct combustion, thermochemical conversion and biochemical conversion. The direct combustion of biomass fuel will remain the main mode of biomass energy utilization in China for a long time to come. Biomass pellet fuel is currently retrofitted with only about 10% of conventional wood-burning stoves. The promotion efficiency can reach 20% to 30% of the fuel-saving stove. This technology is simple, easy to promote, and the benefits are obvious. The energy-saving measures are the most popular products for new energy construction.
Biomass pellet fuel has the advantageous advantages of low carbon, energy saving and environmentally friendly recycling. To become the most popular product in the boiler industry, the development of new energy-saving and environmentally friendly society will also make the greatest contribution to the development of biomass pellet fuel.

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