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How does feed pellet machine produce feed pellet?

Straw pellet feed is after straw feed pellet machine physical pieces of straw, with multifunctional biological enzyme action, will be one of the fiber, fiber, lignin and silicate transformation decomposition, the crude protein and fiber content increase rapidly, at the same time add Fe, Cu, zinc and other trace elements and Ca, P and other essential elements, finally after drying granulation particles made of straw feed. The straw pellet feed is not only good for grazing animals such as cattle and sheep, but also can be fully digested by food animals such as pigs and chickens. Moreover, it can increase the herd immunity function of livestock and improve the palatability of straw feed.
Straw feed pellet has a large compression ratio and short production cycle (1 ~ 3d). It is easy to digest, well adapted, high food intake, high inductivity, low water content, convenient feeding and high yield, and can be stored for a long time, which is convenient for transportation and other characteristics. It can make full use of the summer and fall season rich green feed resources, but also solve the status quo of the winter and spring seasons feed shortage in captivity, and overcome the silage, the shortcomings of ammoniation and other unfavorable storage and transportation. Moreover, it can completely according to different animals, different growth period, different feeding requirements, in accordance with the scientific formula in the production of different feed, entirely replace grain feed, reduce feed costs.

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