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A few common sense about wood pellet machine

1.The production and sales volume of the fuel pellet machine should be measured in hours, such as 1.5 tons/hour, but not in days or years.

2.The moisture of the raw materials entering the granulator must be within 15%.
3.The raw material specifications for entering the granulator must be within 12 mm.
4.There are three kinds of granulators, flat die granulator, feed ring die granulator, centrifugal high efficiency granulator, specifications are different from each factory, but the types are just like these, just like cars, only cars. , SUV, passenger cars and other types of vehicles.
5.do biomass fuel particles, want to make money, only use centrifugal high efficiency granulator, also known as vertical ring mold particle machine.
6."the mold is vertical, the material is vertical, can not be arched, easy to dissipate heat, the pressure roller rotates, the raw materials are centrifuged, the distribution is well-proportioned, two sets of lubrication, large shaft pressure roller, air-cooling dust removal, two-layer mold" - this advantage It is the superiority of the centrifugal high-efficiency granulator. It is not the equipment advantage of a certain manufacturer. It is available in any granulator.
7.wood pellet machine, not only can do wood chips, straw, dregs, waste, sludge, etc., can do a lot.

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