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What about the growth prospects and the profits of the biomass pellets?

As fossil resources, coal resources, natural resources is quickly used increasingly drying up, ecological environment worsening continuously, countries around the world, especially the main energy consumption big country to develop new energy and renewable energy as the focal point of a new round of industry development, increasing investment, promoting. Use of renewable energy has become an important industry in the world today, as the only can convert biomass fuel gas, liquid and solid three forms and renewable resources with a two-way clean effect in most countries in the world wide attention. Shandong yu crown machinery co., LTD. For now, within easy reach of raw materials, wood, and wood fiber, crop residues and its processing has carried on the research and development, realize the recycling and utilization of sustainable biomass production.
Enterprises choose biomass granule fuel to replace coal and oil combustion, which can achieve environmental protection requirements and achieve the maximization of economic benefits. However, the low threshold of biomass pellet fuel production can be widely promoted in China.
1: clean and environmental protection, biomass pellet fuel is a kind of natural biomass pellet fuel, alternative city gas, moisture content is low, the combustion air is easy to adjust, high combustion efficiency, reduce the air pollution index.
2: save space: because biomass fuel is compressed by high temperature, it saves storage space and is convenient for transportation.
3: reduce costs: biomass pellet fuel can greatly improve the combustion performance of woodiness material, thermal efficiency can be improved by more than 80%, the heat generated by the one ton of biomass pellet fuel is equivalent to 0.8 tons of coal.
4: the use of safe, biomass pellet fuel due to biological fertilizer or MuKang taken from the state of nature, does not contain the fissile, explosion and other chemicals, so not happen poisoning, blast and leak accidents, etc.
5: sustainable utilization, biomass pellet fuel combustion after the ashes of the furnace can be used as a fertilizer, promote the growth of new plants, and entered a new cycle, the steady supply of biological resources sustainable use.
Main application of biomass granules:
(1) domestic heating and living energy: high fuel efficiency, convenient storage and convenient transportation.
(2) biomass power plant: the main fuel of biomass particle boiler, replacing coal, solving environmental pollution and reducing boiler maintenance. Product description:
The company independently develops and produces the biomass granule machine, absorbing the advantages of domestic and foreign granule machines, such as rational design, unique structure, stable and high efficiency, long life, etc. According to the market and customers' requirements, our company has developed the vertical ring model granule machine, which has achieved the best effect of granulating machine, occupying a certain market and leading in the same industry.
The vertical ring mould granulator is suitable for pressing hard materials and forming difficult materials with strong pressure. Such as: camphor pine, eucalyptus, corn stalk, rice husk, sunflower seed shell, peanut shell, etc. The bark of branches and trunks; Various crop stalks; Rubber, cement, ash and other chemical raw materials. It is used in biomass fuel plant, feed plant, power plant, timber factory, furniture factory, fertilizer plant, chemical plant, etc. Product features:
1. Mold vertical direction. Vertical feed, no arch, directly in place, easy to heat.
2. Static and vertical installation of molds; machine is easy to be fixed, and the machine runs smoothly.
3. Rotation of the pressure wheel, causing the material to produce centrifugal force, all around the distribution.
4: two layers of molds, both upper and lower, lower and higher efficiency, double use, high yield and energy saving, 24 hours work, fully automatic lubrication.

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