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To open a small chicken feed factory need what equipment

To start a small chicken feed factory, you first need to have the right market positioning, which is what you want to do. Who do you want to sell to? You'll know which devices to use. Most manufacturers use their own formulations, their own feed ingredients, their own processing and farming methods. If you want to do, of course, should choose a few bigger, the batch of financial strength can can choose complete sets of feed unit, feed unit with manual and automatic proportioning ingredients, if you want to do chicken or pig with material for granulating machine, if you choose complete feed unit. Feed granule machine is a necessary mechanical equipment. If investment small plant concentrates, of course, there is a feed mill a feed mixer is enough, feed mill with medium speed of hammer crusher, feed mixed pause better vertical feed mixer can, with a total investment of 10000 yuan. It depends on your positioning and the current economic situation.
The professional staff of Rotexmaster said that the feed processing machinery group mainly consists of three parts: grinder, elevator, mixer, feed granulator.
Then I will start with the selection and installation of the feed grinder and feed mixer:
1. Feed mixer: it is divided into regular feed mixer and additive mixer. Regular feed mixers have vertical and horizontal types. The stirring time of the vertical mixer is 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and the horizontal machine is about 10 minutes. The advantage of vertical mixer is that it is mixed evenly and has little power consumption. The disadvantage is that the mixing time is long and the productivity is low, and the loading and discharging are not sufficient. The main working parts of horizontal agitator are agitating blades, and the blades are divided into two layers. In the work, the blade agitates the feed, and makes the feed of both inner and outer layer to be relative motion to achieve the purpose of mixing. Horizontal mixer has the advantage of high efficiency, loading and discharging quickly. The disadvantage is that the power consumption is large, the area is large and the price is higher, so it is generally less used.
2. Feed mill, crusher is the most commonly used feed processing machinery, the current domestic production of major have a hammer plate mill and roller mill. The crusher can crush the raw material into different sized particles according to various feeding requirements. Due to the different models of the machine, the amount of processing per hour is different, and the type of motor used is different. Can be selected according to the scale of farming. General chicken factory should buy two, one use, - stand standby.

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