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How does the wood pellet machine bring high yields with low cost?

Usually, biomass fuels are mostly made from crop straw and waste wood. At this time, we need to use crushing equipment to crush them, and then use pellet equipment to process them into pellets. Therefore, the pellet machine production line is a very important environmentally friendly energy equipment and an indispensable environmentally friendly product for pellet fuel production.

In the molding process of producing fuel from the pellet machine production line equipment, the increase of the pellet fuel forming rate can save a large amount of raw materials, reduce the production cost, and increase the profit of the user. At the same time, in the operation of the pellet machine equipment, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating procedures, reduce production errors, improve the production stability of the equipment, and bring more economic benefits to the users.
If the molding rate of a pelletizer production line equipment is higher, the higher the molding rate of the production line equipment, the higher the yield, the higher the qualified rate of fuel, and the more value that can be created. Therefore, users are using pellet machines to pursue high molding rates.
The pellet machine production line equipment suppresses the wood pellet fuel. The better raw material moisture is 15% or less. If the moisture is too high, the pellets are loose. It is easy to break up during the packaging and transportation of granular fuel.

Rotexmaster wood pellet machine, molding rate of 98% or more, can be applied to a variety of raw materials, such as rice husks, eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit trees and crop straw, bamboo chips and so on.

As a renewable biomass clean energy, biomass wood pellet machine fuel can not only reduce the dependence on traditional energy such as coal, oil and natural gas, but also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce carbon emissions and reduce air pollution. . Biomass wood pellets fuel after burning, there is very little ash, which greatly reduces the site of stacking coal slag and reduces the cost of sputum; more importantly, it does not produce gas harmful to the environment after combustion, and can directly replace mineral coal. Industrial biomass boiler plants, power plants, civil heating, cooking and other industries have improved the environmental pollution caused by traditional mineral fuels.

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