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Biomass pellet fuel and coal which is resistant to burning?

Biomass pellet fuel and coal which is resistant to burning? It is a concern of many customers who have not used it and do not know about biomass pellets. Because biomass particles are a new thing for many people, they have never seen it before, just knowing it, so it is inevitable that So is the coal resistant to burning or the particulate fuel resistant to burning? The answer is obvious: obviously the coal is burning! So why use pellet briquetting fuel? What are the benefits of using it without coal?

Wood pellet:
The wood pellet can be seen to be light and hard, and clean. The pellet fuel raw material is made of mahogany. The calorific value is as low as 4,300 kcal, the ash is low, and it is not easy to cause various environmental pollution like coal. For the benefit of the people.

Blocky products, from the outside to black, bulky, can cause harmful substances and smoke, have a pungent odor, environmental damage is not energy-saving, the country is strictly prohibited to apply products.
Biomass pellet energy raw materials are agricultural and forestry wastes. After being machined and formed, they are granular or blocky products with high calorific value, easy to point, light weight storage and transportation, incineration smokeless and odorless, energy saving and emission reduction. The profit is similar to coal, the environmental protection is renewable, and the state advocates the use of typical renewable energy.
Coal, non-renewable resources, belongs to fossil fuels. Although the calorific value is high, the pollution is large, the use of the environment causes great damage, polluting the air, mining will cause non-renewable resources, destroy the surface vegetation, cause water and soil resources loss and many other problems. The state prohibits.
So can pellet fuel be used in those that are convenient and true to ensure complete replacement of coal?
According to the above, it can be understood that the application range of particulate fuel is particularly common, and it can fully meet the energy supply and demand of different industries. It can be used safely in power plants, small to one household heating stove, and it is green, clean and can be truly replaced. Contaminated coal, expensive electricity and gas, make it a green and economical fuel!

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