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What are the advantages of straw feed pellet machine?

The successful development of straw feed pellet machine has brought a qualitative leap to the feed industry and animal husbandry, changing the traditional feed mode and traditional feeding methods. What are the advantages of the new straw feed pellet machine, why is it so popular? The following small series are introduced as follows

The straw feed pellet machine is mainly used for crushing crop straws and then pressing into processed pellets to satisfy the user's feeding of poultry. Straw feed pellet machine is a new type of feed processing technology. In the past, the straw feed was processed into powder and then mixed into the feed for feeding. There were defects such as inconvenient feeding, poor palatability, picky eating of livestock, and low utilization rate. With the advent and popularity of new small particle machines, it is now convenient to process powdered feed into pelleted feed. The small-sized pellet feed processing machine can be powered by illumination electricity, and the powdery feed is gelatinized by high temperature, and is discharged from the die hole under the pressure of the pressure roller, so that the particle size can be conveniently adjusted, and the structure is simple. Suitable for rural farmers and small professional feed pellet machine

Straw feed pellet machine features:

●Stainless steel housing for durability
●Can be equipped with long or multi-layer conditioner
● Feeding stepless speed regulation, convenient feeding
The advantages of straw feed after processing into pellet feed are as follows:
(1) The particle formation process can denature the trypsin resistance factor in grains and beans; reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill various parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms; reduce various parasites and digestive systems disease.
(2) Convenient feeding, high utilization rate, easy to control feeding amount, saving feed, clean and hygienic. Especially for fish farming, since the pellet feed dissolves slowly in water, it is not drowned by sediment, which reduces waste.
(3) Under the pressure of the machine itself under the pressure of the machine, the temperature can reach 80~10 °C, which can make the starch in the feed have a certain degree of ripening effect, produce a strong fragrance, and the feed texture is hard, in line with pigs, cattle and sheep. The nature of the rodent has improved the palatability of the feed and is easy to eat.
The straw feed pellet machine has brought a qualitative leap to the feed industry. Due to its various advantages, pellet feed will replace the traditional feed, and the sales scale will gradually expand.

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