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What is the particle produced by the biomass pellet machine?

With the further implementation of national policies, the management of energy and the environment is also growing, and biomass pellet machines are also being used in more and more fields. It is known that biomass pelletizers are less efficient and polluted. What are the advantages of the fuel pellets?

1, the fuel pellets produced by the biomass pelletizer have a density of about ten times that of ordinary materials, and the pellet density after molding is greater than 1100 kg/m 3 , and the fuel performance is greatly improved.
2, the volume is small and the weight is large, and the particles formed by the processing of the raw materials are only about 1/30 of the ordinary materials, and are convenient for transportation and storage.
3, the granules can be used for civil heating equipment and domestic energy, and can also replace coal as fuel for industrial boilers, alleviate environmental pollution, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of straw, and respond to the national ministry to strive to achieve comprehensive utilization of straw in 2020. 85% of the target requirements.
Based on the above points, the fuel pellets made by the biomass pellet machine exceed the ordinary materials in any aspect, and will definitely become the trend in the near future.

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