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What are the factors affecting the life of the biomass pellet machine?

The biomass pellet machine is based on crop straw or wood chips and is pressed into pellet fuel by biomass pellet machine. here introduces what factors affect the life of biomass pellet machine:

1. The moisture content of the material is too low, the hardness of the processed product is too strong, and the power consumption of the equipment during processing is large, which increases the production cost of the enterprise and reduces the working life of the biomass pellet machine. If the moisture is too large, it is not easy to be pulverized, the number of impacts of the hammer is increased, and heat is generated due to the friction of the material and the impact of the hammer, so that the water inside the processed product evaporates, and the evaporated water forms a paste with the pulverized fine powder and blocks the sieve. The hole reduces the discharge of the biomass pellet machine. Generally, the moisture content of the pulverized product of the raw materials such as grain and corn stover is controlled to be less than 14%.

2. At the end of the material crushing, mix a little wheat bran with edible oil and put it into the machine. After pressing for 1-2 minutes, stop it, and make the mold hole of the biomass pellet machine full of oil, so that it can be put into production next time. It not only maintains the mold, but also saves man-hours. After the biomass pellet machine stops, loosen the pressure roller adjustment screw and remove the residual material.
3. The permanent magnet cylinder or the iron remover can be installed at the feed port of the biomass pellet machine to avoid affecting the service life of the pressure roller, the mold and the central shaft. The temperature of the pellet fuel during the extrusion process is as high as 50-85 ° C, and the pressure roller is subjected to strong kinetic power during operation, but lacks the necessary and effective dust protection device, so every 2-5 working days, The bearing must be cleaned once and a high temperature grease must be added. The spindle of the biomass pellet machine is cleaned and refueled every other month. The gear box should be cleaned and maintained at intervals of half a year. The screw fastening of the transmission part should be carried out at any time.

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