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What are the quality identification methods for biomass pellet fuels?

Biomass pellet fuel is an environmentally friendly fuel produced by the compaction of biomass pellet machine. So what methods can be used to distinguish the quality of biomass pellet fuel? Durability is an important functional target for reviewing the quality of biomass-forming fuels. It generally includes several targets for the fracture resistance, deformation resistance, water resistance and moisture absorption of biomass-forming fuels.

1. Durability The durability of biomass-forming fuels affects the packaging, shipping and storage functions of biomass-forming fuels. There is currently no consistent specification for the test methods and review objectives of the water-resistant function of biomass-forming fuels. It is possible to determine whether the durability of biomass-forming fuel meets the requirements of packaging, transportation and storage functions through sampling experiments.

2, anti-crushing anti-crushing mainly reflects the ability of biomass molding fuel to withstand certain drops and roll collisions during handling, reflecting the transportation requirements of biomass forming fuel under actual conditions. During the transportation or movement of biomass forming fuel, a certain weight will be lost due to the drop. The remaining mass percentage after the falling of the molding fuel (that is, the difference between the total mass and the lost amount divided by the total mass) reflects the crushing ability of the product. . The test for the crush resistance of the formed fuel is carried out with reference to the method for determining the crushing strength of the coal. The fuel rod having a length of 60 to 100 mm is freely dropped from a height of 2 m onto a solid floor, and then the fuel of the fallen fuel rod is larger than 25 mm. The rod fell again and fell a total of three times. The fuel rods larger than 25 mm after the crushing accounted for the mass percentage of the original fuel rod, indicating the crushing strength of the fuel rod.

3, anti-deformation Anti-deformation mainly reflects the ability of biomass forming fuel to resist cracking under the conditions of external pressure, and determines the use and accumulation requirements of biomass forming fuel. Biomass forming fuels must withstand a certain amount of pressure when accumulating, and the size of their ability to withstand the deformation of the biomass forming fuel. The maximum pressure at which the biomass-formed fuel sample is deformed by the continuous loading force is indicated. Each sample was recorded 5 times and the maximum value was taken.

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