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What are the factors affecting the output of wood pellet machine?

The same wood pellet machine, the output is large or small, why? The biomass new energy industry has developed rapidly, and wood chip machine has become more and more familiar to people. There are also many people who have reviewed the situation and seized the opportunity of this industry and engaged in the production of wood pellets. Of course, different manufacturers, the quality and standard of the wood chip machine produced are not the same, often many customers bring the material to the factory when the test machine is high, but the production will be too low when the equipment is bought back to its own production. Then the question comes, the same equipment, why is there a problem with different yields?

Factors affecting the discharge of wood pellet machine
1. Grinding of the new mold of the pellet machine is very important. The new mold has a certain running-in period and needs to be ground with oil. Under normal circumstances, the moisture of wood chips should be controlled between 10-15%. Adjust the gap between the pressure roller and the mold to make it reach a good state. After adjusting the pressure roller, the fixing bolt must be screwed to death.
2. The size and water content of the material. The size of the material of the wood pellets to achieve uniform discharge must be smaller than the diameter of the particles. The diameter of the particles is 6-8 mm, the material size is smaller than it, and the moisture of the raw materials must be between 10-15%. The moisture is too large or too small. The yield of the granules.
3, choose the appropriate wood chip pellet machine mold compression ratio, different materials corresponding to the compression ratio of different molds, the manufacturer can determine the compression ratio when testing the machine, the key problem is not to easily replace the material after you buy the equipment. If the material is changed, the compression ratio will change and the corresponding mold will be replaced. The discharge sometimes occurs, sometimes not, and may be related to the degree of aging of the wood chip machine mold, which is necessary to replace the appropriate mold in time. Models have different yields and die life is different. Take the Rotex YGKJ560 pellet machine as an example, its mold life is about 1000 hours.

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