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The Use of Biomass Pellet is An Inevitable Trend

As national coal prices have risen in recent years, the use of low-cost, high-sulfur coal to replace low-sulfur coal has been offset in part by some companies. The five-year plan states that as a result of reducing sulfur dioxide emissions, air pollution in our region is increasing sharply. On the other hand, in traditional agricultural area, wood processing industry is relatively developed, straw, rice husks and other agriculture. household waste, wood chips and other wood processing residues are not used properly. Promoting energy saving and emission reduction in our region, developing a low-carbon circulating economy. 

Using biomass pellet has the following benefits:

1. Improving the ecological environment. Biomass fuels used are often associated with agricultural residues such as rice and wood processing wood residues. Using waste biomass as fuel is conducive to putting an end to the phenomenon of arbitrary dumping, turning waste biomass into treasure, reducing the waste of resources, improving environmental pollution, and finding a better way to solve agricultural residues and wood processing residues.

2. Increase economic efficiency. About 20,000 tons of coal can be replaced by the region, which could drastically reduce coal supplied shortages. Companies significantly increase the cost of coal.

3. Advertise on energy saving and emission reduction. There are very few biomass particulate fuels to boiler flue gas pollution, low tonnage boilers cannot support flue gas facilities. From the point of view of recycling, the net emissions of carbon dioxide in the biomass combustion air are zero; At the same time, the burning of biomass reduces the methane produced by natural decomposition such as straw, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Biomass energy as boiler fuel combustion is also the most in line with the economic law, it is one of the most economically feasible means to reduce carbon dioxide.

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